VOX Interiors – Beautiful Soffit & Motivo System

Innovative Design

VOX is one of the most innovative brands involved in designing, manufacturing and distributing furniture, home furnishings and building materials from Poland, Europe. The VOX brand is for many a symbol of independence, originality and creativity in European design and business. For more than 30 years the Voelkel family, who established the brand, has been strongly connected with the artistic community, has promoted a modern approach to design, invested in education, and developed companies based on the knowledge of man, his needs and most advanced technologies.


Our furniture, walls, doors, floors and skirting are designed with attention to detail, quality and functionality. As a result, you can create a beautiful and complete interior adjusted to your needs and lifestyle.

In such an interior, it is easier to be yourself, do what you love and express yourself freely.

WALLS – Kerradeco and Motivo

You can admire them, practice yoga on them, or splash water on them together with your kids. These are the walls which adapt to your needs. They are beautiful, but also exceptionally resistant, so you can feel free to do anything you like

Creative Ceiling – Infratop Soffit System

It was developed with care and minute detail for false ceilings. It is patented practical roof finishing method which easy to install and reliable too!!! VOX Soffit system is designed both for functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to the click system and increased panel rigidity. Thanks to the use of perforation, it takes care of proper roof ventilation and protection.
It comes in wood grain finishes and solid colors (see catalogue)


A beautiful and durable floor is fundamental, especially if it is finished with a perfectly matching skirting board. With such a combination you can freely express yourself, so jump, dance, do some DIY and play golf — exercise your freedom of choice!

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