Hafele Hardware Fittings for Doors, Handles, Hinges & Other Accessories

Hafele Hardware

Hafele Hardware

Hafele hardware offers tools, spare parts and materials to individual homeowners and businesses at a competitive price. They also install equipment and provide maintenance services.

Hafele offers a variety of Architectural hardware tools and accessories. They ensure maximum customer experience. They have been around for an extended period and have built a trusted brand to their customers and other stakeholders.

The following are the products offered by Hafele Hardware;

Access control materials

Hafele Hardware installs the best solution for homes and businesses. Their Locking systems collection includes the handles and the locks. Their door hinges and door closers designs come with a touch of sophistication. The controls are durable and meet safety standards. They tailor make door accessories to meet every customer’s needs.

Hafele Hardware also supplies a wide range of construction equipment, glass entrances and fixtures. Also on offer are fixtures for furniture and architectural.

Hafele Hardware lights up homes with the provision of electrical accessories and lighting equipment. The varieties available include illumination items, speakers, equipment for media storage and Television lifts and additional electronic accessories

Tools and other consumables

Hafele provides tools necessary for construction needs. These are Power implements, abrasives, drill tools and tools for cutting, hand tools and jerks and material for handling.

Safety Equipment

Hafele also offers materials for sealing and adhesives (glues and tapes), Safety gear and workwear

Services offered

Hafele Hardware offers a wide range of services for their clientele. These include maintenance, packing, Surface upkeep and repair. A customer can sign up for various options available for the support of the equipment purchased. For equipment breakdown, Hafele Hardware staff are available for both emergency and non-emergency situations

Top Brands

Hafele Hardware is in partnership with world-class enterprises to provide the best hardware equipment to meet safety regulations and standards.

Qualified Personnel

Hafele Hardware engineers are certified and qualified and experienced. They undergo regular training and education. They are also insured therefore this ensures their customers are at peace knowing they are dealing with professionals.

Site inspection

Hafele Hardware personnel usually assess any installation, repair or maintenance. They then discuss with their clients before coming up with a job quotation.

World class customer service

Hafele Hardware ensures the customer needs are well taken care. They have a world-class customer service that is available 24/7 to address their clients concerns.

Product warranty

Hafele hardware products come with a guarantee. Therefore their clients are assured of quality provision. During the guarantee period, the staff are available to inspect the equipment at any time upon request by the customer.

Quick service

Hafele hardware offers fast and reliable service. Their products are available online. The customer can order online, and delivery is ready within the stipulated turnaround time

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