QANTO The New Corner Solution by Hafele

QANTO The New Corner Solution by Hafele

The secret of happy women is her happy kitchen. Having a modern kitchen in a family is a true blessing. Nowadays, the modern kitchen is grist for the mill. It poses an overall impression of the house as a true saying, “the first impression is the last impression”. As new technologies are coming up, the requirements and demand of the people are also changing simultaneously. Many times, choosing the best for your kitchen is really a tough job. To ease your problem, Hafele’s new plug-and-play corner solution- Qanto hits the mark.

This new model, pre-amassed comes along with two flexible, tractable trays that can be pulled out vertically when needed and inserted back, just at the press of a single button. The tray underneath it offers space for keeping either crockery or electrical appliances or maybe wine bottles or some kitchen jars.

These trays are of standard quality and are totally embellished by LED light apparatuses underneath the top tray. From the utilization of inaccessible space in the corner to many benefits, Qanto ends up being a wise corner solution. Not just 1, Qanto provides 5 major benefits in the kitchen.

Intuitive Operation:

It becomes easier to access the kitchen items when they are stored in one place. Just a touch of a button is all it takes to maneuver the Qanto trays up and down. It works on a simple mechanism- the instrument quits moving when it recognizes an item be it a plate or a wine bottle.

Smart Design

Qanto corner solution provides with up to date style of living. The crystal-glass effect of the tray characterizes the exquisite structure whereas the LED lighting underlines the fantastic material.

A modern ergonomic Kitchen

Häfele’s new corner resolution - Qanto works with a linearly driven lifting instrument to fulfill ergonomic demands and upgrade the workplace condition. Above all heavy objects are upraised effortlessly.

LED Lighting

The Qanto solution is provided with an integrated LED rectifier lighting system. At the point when trays are raised, the LED light switches on consequently enlightening the stored items and when the trays are brought down, the LED light switches off itself.

Plug and play

The Qanto corner solution by Hafele is pre-assembled for easy integration into intrinsic kitchens. You just have to plug it in – and it’s prepared.
Confused about it’s working?? Don’t worry we have the complete instructions on how does the system works:

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow

Step 1

Press and hold the ‘+’ button continuously, the switch panel moves the tray upward and stops when both the trays are completely extracted

Step 2

Press and hold the ‘-’ button continuously, the switch panel moves the tray downwards and stops in the end position with both the trays in the system.

Step 3

Releasing your finger from the respective button either + or - obstruct the movement of the trays and it stops immediately.

Step 4

The LED Light is mounted beneath the upper tray. Once the upper tray moves out at a distance of 50 mm the light switches on and once it moves downward it switches off at a same distance of 50 mm.

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