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Raumplus sliding is characterized by custom-built interior systems, which are known for their flexibility and functionality. It is this feature that endears it to the customers. It makes it adaptable to any room dimensions. This is a specialty that moves many customers as it gets to utilize every inch of the available space.

Raumplus, the professional manufacturers of sliding doors, are also experts in closet systems shelves and dressers. The idea behind their work is to reduce space wastage. They attain this by avoiding hinged doors, which take much space from their swinging allowance.

Raumplus is about the clever but innovative room solutions which are beyond standards and of the reigning products. Where the sliding doors may not work, they go for folding doors to save on space in the kitchen. Most of the products are, therefore, custom-made in respect to the size and shape of the kitchen floor and roof.

The company works towards space planning by use of state-of-the-art technologies. This is made possible courtesy of any companies committed and experienced Manpower. They must come up with a design that flows with the customer’s requirement.

Customers benefit from a total personalized service regarding their domestic space planning. This is in addition to the 3D design support. It is these benefits that grant the customer the professional and technical backup — no wonder this is termed as the total kitchen solution.

The benefits that come with this exercise are that the brands on offer are customized to perfection. The doors are made of marine ply based panels save for the sliding glass doors. The appliances they use are from international brands.

Raumplus sliding door systems are made of a variety of shutters for strength. The doors are tailored to your budget and are, therefore, cost-effective. The durability of the products is assured. This quality is a welcome one since the slide has to work all through as space is limited to the kitchen.

Raumplus believes that their product is great in sparing space for you and allowing you to enjoy your space and be comfortable in your kitchen. The dedicated team from Raumplus designs what works perfectly with your kitchen and goes ahead to install the same through a very affordable price. The elevation of your roof notwithstanding you has to be assured of the best in the sliding door from Raumplus sliding.

Raumplus sliding is a total solution to your kitchen door woes. It is the perfect idea towards understanding your kitchen space and dealing with it. At Raumplus, there is this belief that the design of the door dictates the space in the kitchen and other rooms. A change in the door design can overhaul the space of any room.

Don’t just be content with your kitchen space, seek the advice of designers from Raumplus and see the magic that will come out of their ideas. Plan to visit them and let them customize a door for your kitchen, and you will not believe kitchen space transformation.

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