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It is good to include sliding door systems to your home because of their many designs together with their different functional advantages. Before you decide to get any sliding glass sliding door, it is important to find a good hardware company that offers these sliding doors at an affordable price. Hafele is an example of a good hardware company that provides endless possibilities with door functionality. Hafele offers a wide range of options for sliding doors with a wide variety of sliding systems. The ranges of sliding systems that Hafele provides are usually divided into two main broad categories; these are; Systems for architectural applications and systems for furniture applications.

Systems for architectural applications

These systems include both internal and external doors; these may be glass doors, profiled doors or the wooden types of doors.

Systems for furniture applications

These types of systems include wardrobes, cabinets and other related units.

Some of the benefits of purchasing sliding doors from Hafele are discussed below.

Top benefits for purchasing sliding doors from Hafele.


In the past, sliding doors had a bad reputation among other doors because people never installed them using safety glass. Today, companies such as Hafele produce quality sliding doors that have shatterproof safety glass. Hafele glass sliding doors are known to provide some sleek and simple look to your house that gives a harmonious architectural style.


When investing in sliding doors, security is an essential factor to consider. If you are a residential property owner, it is important to look for sliding doors that have incorporated gaskets and aluminum seals. Hafele India provides these types of sliding doors, together with Hafele glass fittings. For extra security and stability, Hafele offers engineered stiles. These stiles create a form of a bridge between the indoors of your home and the great outdoors.

Saving Space

Instead of swinging open, the sliding doors usually operate without any hinge. To open then you will simply glide them on a track rather than swinging them open. With this in mind, you will need to have some extra space for your door arc. This is because these door arcs open up by a single door sliding over another panel.


The big sliding doors have large panes of glass. These glass panes usually run from the top to the bottom of each door panel. If you are interested in the large glass panes, you can contact the Hafele India hardware company and get to see their collection. These large glass panes are advantageous because they maximize the natural daylight—this ensures that an individual enjoys floodlit interiors during the daytime.

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